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Chad Kelly Jersey Retro

INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Colts backup quarterback Chad Kelly is facing multiple lawsuits following two incidents from when he was with the Denver Broncos in October 2018.

The first suit, which was brought by Jackson Belcher, the personal photographer of Broncos pass-rusher Von Miller, claims Kelly hit Belcher during a Halloween party in Colorado on Oct. 22, 2018.

The complaint, which was filed by Belcher’s attorneys in Arapahoe County District Court in Centennial, Colorado, on Oct. 17, 2019, said Kelly was on drugs and intoxicated when he confronted Belcher at a theater in Englewood, Colorado.

Belcher said in the suit, which was obtained by TMZ and The Indianapolis Star, that Kelly punched him without being provoked “on the bridge of the nose causing him to fall into the group of people and then onto a railing.” The suit also claims Kelly broke Belcher’s video camera to the point that it couldn’t be repaired.

Belcher, who was examined at an urgent care center following the incident, suffered a fractured nose and sinusitis from the punch, according to the suit.

“Doctors informed [Belcher] that if he had been hit one centimeter to the left, he very well may have died from the injuries,” the suit states.

The cameraman had four surgeries to fix his injuries and could not work for four months while he recovered.

Belcher is seeking damages to cover “without limitation, pain, suffering, impairment of quality of life, physical impairment, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and medical expenses.”

The case was closed in Arapahoe County on Nov. 29, but it’s expected to be reopened in federal court.

The second suit claims that Kelly, later that same night, broke into the home of a man and woman and sat down on the couch next to the woman, who was holding the couple’s young child, according to court records.

The man yelled at Kelly to get out and hit him in the back with a vacuum tube. Police surveillance video showed a man wearing dark pants, a white long-sleeved shirt with a brown vest, and a red scarf around his neck entering the front door.

The suit, which was obtained by The Indianapolis Star, states that the family has “continued to suffer from this experience with anxiety, depression, terrors, nightmares, hypervigilance and fear.”

The Broncos released Kelly, the nephew of Buffalo Bills Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly, the day after he was arrested.

Kelly had no comment Wednesday and the Colts referred to comments made about Kelly when they signed him in May.

“Whenever you take a person in Chad’s situation it’s a case-by-case basis,” coach Frank Reich said at the time. “I felt like from the tape that we saw, what the scouts thought [and] what we saw looking at the tape, the vetting that we did, the people we talked to — it just felt like we would give Chad a chance here to come in and compete.”

The NFL suspended Kelly without pay in May for the first two games of the 2019 season for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

Kelly was kicked off Clemson’s football team for arguing with coaches during the spring game in 2014. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct after he was arrested for a bar fight in 2014. Kelly was in another fight at his brother’s high school football game in New York in October 2016. Videos showed Kelly being held back by the coaches.

Dave Walter Jersey Retro

Provo’s administration and Westport Capital Partners have come to an agreement on what appears to be a whole new start on The Mix at River’s Edge development.

It has been about five years since discussion first began on the redevelopment project.

Part of the new agreement includes a post-performance Tax Increment Financing package, or TIF, that includes the city funding $1.5 million dollars over five years.

“It’s like a new redevelopment project,” said Dave Walter, redevelopment agency director. “We are merely restarting the project because of changes.”

The Municipal Council voted 6 to 1 to approve the agreement that will allow the move ahead on demolition and construction. Councilman Kay Van Buren was the only nay vote.

The Mix, which will be located at 2300 N. University Parkway, the site of the former Plumtree Plaza, has seen buildings demolished and Café Rio moved to its new location on the lot. Construction, however, remains stagnant.

Earlier this year the Municipal Council voted on a zoning change for the project from SC-3 for shopping centers and malls to an Interim Transit Oriented Development, or ITOD, which allows for more high-density housing.

The council required two issues to be resolved as part of the rezone: that the developer build a percentage of the high-density apartment units as affordable housing and also upgrade the sewer systems.

The developers said the request was unfair and felt a baseline on the sewer system’s infrastructure should be set from when the fully-operational strip mall was purchased. The sewer system would then be upgraded from that standard.

That disagreement has been resolved as of Tuesday with the developer agreeing to pay for off-site sewer line improvements as part of the payment in lieu of building lower income units.

“They will pay $1 million to upgrade off-site sewer lines,” said Dixon Holmes, assistant CAO and former director of Economic Development.

Additional money from the developers will be put toward other projects, including $350,000 to help with two bonds on other sewer lines.

Even with a financing agreement for the project, council chairman David Harding said he still felt uncomfortable with a developer not paying their own way.

“I have to look at this as what is the value we’re getting out of it,” Harding said. “I’m sure the public will get value out of it.”

Walter added, “It’s in the worst possible state being partly demolished; the in-between state.”

When The Mix was first presented to the Provo Planning Commission, it recommended three office buildings in the development. Since that time, about 500,000 square feet of office space has opened in Provo.

The proposed site was designed to transform the plaza into a bustling 21st century mixed-use development featuring retail shopping, office space, multi-unit family dwellings and a hospitality feature in the form of a high-rise hotel.
Dave Walter Jersey Retro

As of Tuesday, The Mix will be reconfigured to 85,000 square feet of office space, 520 housing units and a 124 unit hotel with space for retail.

B.J. Bello Jersey Retro

With a couple key injuries over the weekend, the Jets were forced to make some roster moves.

The team announced on Tuesday that it has signed linebacker B.J. Bello and cornerback Kyron Brown to the active roster. In order to make room for them, the Jets placed left guard Brian Winters and tight end Chris Herndon on season-ending injured reserve.

Bello was signed by the Jets at the end of October but was released pretty quickly after that. He was originally with the Browns practice squad in 2017 after going undrafted out of Illinois State. Bello has also been on the Packers and Cardinals practice squads in addition to the Eagles’ roster. He spent training camp this season with the Texans before being cut. In 19 games, Bello has registered nine total tackles.
B.J. Bello Jersey Retro

As for Brown, he has been on the Jets practice squad all season. He signed as an undrafted free agent out of Akron this year and had five tackles in the preseason. He has yet to appear in a regular season game and could see some playing time given the troubles the Jets are having at cornerback.

Flip Johnson Jersey Retro

With the finishing line of Britain’s Brexit election in sight on Thursday, Boris Johnson’s mouth had more or less avoided the kind of headline-making gaffes that have partly defined his political career — until four-year-old Jack came along.

To start the week, a photograph of the little boy lying on the floor of a hospital in Leeds waiting to be treated for pneumonia was splashed across the front page of the Daily Mirror. The image instantly became a potent symbol of a health-care system in decay.

But instead of offering a compassionate response, the Conservative leader fumbled during a scrum, doing his best to avoid addressing the issue directly.

He looked the other way, then offered an evasive answer before grabbing a reporter’s phone and putting it in his pocket so he wouldn’t have to look at Jack’s photo.

“He doesn’t care,” Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn said later. “It’s an example of what’s happening in our NHS [National Health Service].

Headline in the Daily Mirror about a four-year-old boy treated on the floor of a hospital in Leeds. Johnson has avoided confronting criticism about the state of the country’s public health care system. (Daily Mirror)
Whether that particular moment will haunt Johnson on voting day remains to be seen. What may be more notable is how rare such moments have been for Johnson on the campaign trail.

Johnson’s entire career has been punctuated by them.

He has used derogatory slurs to refer to gay people and black people, and notoriously likened the appearance of burka-wearing women to British mailboxes.

ANALYSISLabour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has won over Britain’s youth — but will they actually vote?
His time as Britain’s foreign minister was widely seen as a failure, in large part because of impromptu remarks about a British-Iranian woman being held in Iran on charges of espionage.

His false suggestion that Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe was “teaching journalism” in Iran — and wasn’t simply a tourist — undercut efforts to free her and she remains in jail to this day.

During this election, however, there have been few big blunders. And, perhaps as a result, polls suggest Johnson is heading into Thursday’s vote with a shot at winning the majority he’d need to lead the U.K. out of the European Union his way.

A photo from 1984 featuring the Oxford Union, with Neil Sherlock, front centre, and Boris Johnson, top right. (Neil Sherlock)
“His minders have sought to try to ensure he doesn’t make lots of mistakes,” said Neil Sherlock, a business consultant and political adviser who has known Johnson since their years together in student politics at Oxford University.

“They want him out there, doing things, but not being questioned too closely.”

Old foes
Sherlock, who now campaigns for Britain’s Liberal Democrats, actually went head to head with Johnson in 1984 for the job of president of the Oxford Union debating society — and won.

For three decades, he’s watched closely as his old foe manoeuvred from a career in journalism to politics, first as an MP in the House of Commons, then mayor of London, cabinet minister and now prime minister.

“I don’t think he’s particularly changed from the sort of person he was when I first knew him,” Sherlock told CBC News in an interview.

“He still really focuses on … being a performer, using rhetoric and jokes to deflect. And pauses — where he sort of plays with his hair.

“People either love him or hate him.”

WATCH | Old Oxford classmate recounts what Boris Johnson was like as student politician:

Former Oxford schoolmate says Boris Johnson has not changed
16 hours ago 1:24
Neil Sherlock ran against Boris Johnson for student union president at Oxford in the 1980s. Years later, he says Johnson is still the same politician but on a bigger stage. 1:24
An opinion piece in The Times this past weekend put the dual narrative of Britain’s relationship with Johnson rather more colourfully:

“They know he’s a scoundrel, know he’s a cheat, know he’s a selfish careerist … But something about his rascality appeals.”

The writer, former Conservative MP Matthew Parris, then added:

“Untruth comes as effortlessly to him as breathing.”


Johnson’s flip-flopping has included reversals on everything from Brexit to building a third runway at Heathrow Airport.

Just days ago, the head of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, which had supported the Conservatives in government, accused Johnson of “betrayal” for reversing his position on a customs arrangement for Northern Ireland post-Brexit.

British Conservative candidate David Burrowes, right, with Sajid Javid, chancellor of the Exchequer, campaigning Tuesday in Enfield. (Pascal Leblond/CBC)
For Neil Sherlock, the quality in Johnson that overpowered all others back in Oxford — and still does today — is his sense of entitlement and ambition.

“The key thing was holding the job. The key thing for him, probably from Day 1 coming to Oxford, was to be president of the Oxford Union. And I think from Day 1 of being an elected politician he wanted to be prime minister.”

“So it’s a lot more about the job than perhaps a very detailed view of how he’s going to do the job.”

This election, Johnson’s campaign can probably be reduced to a single sound bite: “Get Brexit done.”

WATCH | ‘Let’s get this done’: A look at Boris Johnson’s Brexit messaging throughout campaign:

U.K. Conservatives focus campaign on Brexit
1 day ago 2:21 Turn captions on
Boris Johnson and the Conservatives have made “get Brexit done” a campaign focus. The National looks at the tactic and whether it will work. 2:21
To literally drive home the point, one of his final electioneering stunts was to drive a backhoe with that phrase fixed on the shovel through a faux brick wall painted with the words: “Gridlock.”

Johnson assumed the Conservative leadership, and with it the role of prime minister, last summer, promising to take Britain out of the European Union by mid-October. But time and again, he lost key votes in Parliament after opposition parties formed a united front against both his timetable and the threat of leaving the EU without a deal setting out the terms of separation.

Labour, of course, argues the Tory platform won’t bring finality to anything, and that years of negotiations and uncertainty will surely follow as new trade deals are negotiated with Britain’s partners.
Flip Johnson Jersey Retro

‘Corbyn is dangerous’
Still, the unanimity of opinion polls that put Johnson out in front of the race suggest the “get it done” campaign has helped firm up his position.

CBC News visited the north London riding of Enfield Southgate, which voted “Remain” in the 2016 referendum, but where Brexit fatigue could be giving Conservative candidate David Burrowes a chance.

Randy Edmunds Jersey Retro

Rigolet’s only gas station is closing, after more than 13 years of being operated at a loss by the Rigolet Inuit community council.

When the council took over the station more than a decade ago, the intention was that it would be an interim measure, and that a private interest would take over the business. But council has to give it up, said Coun. Chelsea Morris.

“It was supposed to be six months. Now, 13 years later we are so far in the red we cannot handle it any longer,” she said.

In a statement released last week, council said it will cease operations of the outlet on May 31, shutting down the only available market for gasoline, diesel and stove oil in the community.

No one has come forward
Rigolet is the only community council in the province that runs a gas station, which are primarily privately owned.

We’re hoping that at some point the Nunatsiavut government or the federal or provincial government are going to step in.
- Chelsea Morris
“After these 13 years hoping for help, nobody has stepped in and we can no longer take it,” Morris said.

But they’re still looking for someone to take over the business privately.

“The future is not looking great for us. We’re hoping that at some point the Nunatsiavut government or the federal or provincial government are going to step in because we just don’t know what to do from here,” Morris said.

Morris would not disclose how much debt has accrued over the years through operating the gas station. The Nunatsiavut government has loaned the council money to operate it. CBC has asked the Nutatsiavut government to provide details on how much money the gas station has lost.

“It’s a lot, a lot of money,” said Morris.

‘We literally have no solutions’
The town’s financial advisors told them continuing to operate the station would end in bankruptcy.

“We literally have no solutions from beyond this point,” she said.

“We cannot put all of our top priorities into this gas station or the rest of the community is going to struggle.”

Torngat Mountains Liberal candidate says he doesn’t have a solution right now for the community’s fuel woes. (Facebook/Randy Edmunds)
After May 31, tanks will no longer be filled by the council, and until someone takes control the community’s options for fuel refills will be non-existent.

“We’ve had loans from the Nunatsiavut government but as far as that they just want their money back and that’s piling on top of the bills that we already have and so we are pretty much just raising our white flag,” Morris said.

Lots of talk, but no solutions in sight
Randy Edmunds, Liberal candidate in the upcoming provincial election, says fuel in Rigolet is an ongoing problem.

“I’ve sat down with AngajukKâks [Nunatsiavut mayors] in the past, I’ve sat down with town managers, and you know I share the frustration of coming up blank, but at the end of the day the community of Rigolet has to have oil and gas,” said Edmunds, who is running for re-election.

He said he doesn’t have a solution to the problem right now but will work on finding one.

PC candidate Lela Evans says she’d like to see service expanded. (Facebook)
“Sometimes you find a Band-Aid but you do what it takes to keep the service going,” Edmunds said. “If we had the solutions or the answers it would be in place by now.”
Randy Edmunds Jersey Retro

PC candidate Lela Evans would like to find a private operator to expand the service beyond what’s currently available.

“I would find a provider that would come in and take over the gas and perhaps other services as well,” Evans said.

Dick Fishel Jersey Retro

MILWAUKEE – Major League Baseball has honored Milwaukee Brewers Senior Vice President of Communications & Affiliate Operations Tyler Barnes with the Robert O. Fishel Award for Public Relations excellence. The award is presented annually at the Baseball Winter Meetings to a Major League Baseball public relations/communications executive whose ethics, character, dedication and professionalism reflect the highest standards in the industry. Barnes is the first Fishel Award recipient in Brewers history.

“We are thrilled that Tyler is being recognized for his work and commitment to the industry,” said Brewers President of Business Operations Rick Schlesinger. “Anyone who has had the pleasure to work with Tyler immediately appreciates his sincere dedication, in-depth knowledge and integrity. He is one of the most trusted leaders in the organization and we are proud to have him as part of the Milwaukee Brewers family.”

Barnes completed his 14th season with the Brewers in 2019 and was promoted to his current position in 2017. He directs efforts related to broadcasting, media relations, community relations and publications. The Kansas City native also plays a key role in the Club’s Spring Training operations, including the development of the Brewers’ new facility, American Family Fields of Phoenix. Barnes also oversees the team’s relationship with the Single-A Carolina Mudcats. Prior to joining the Brewers, Barnes spent six years with the Detroit Tigers and five with the Houston Astros in marketing and communications roles. He also worked as chief marketing officer for the Harlem Globetrotters.

Barnes is an active supporter of Open Arms Home for Children in South Africa and serves on the board of Africa On Deck, which promotes children’s participation in baseball in underserved areas of Johannesburg, South Africa. The Trinity College graduate and his wife, Monica, have two sons, Avery and Cole.

“I’m honored to accept this award as it is a reflection of the colleagues I have worked alongside, past and present,” Barnes said. “I want to thank my family and those who have offered opportunity along the way. For the past 14 years, I have worked for what I believe is the best organization in professional sports. Mark Attanasio, Rick Schlesinger and David Stearns provide unparalleled support, and the collection of talent and dedication in the organization is at the very highest level.”

The Robert O. Fishel Award for Public Relations Excellence is a Winter Meetings tradition that dates back to 1981. The annual honor is named for the longtime baseball public relations executive who served the Cleveland Indians, the St. Louis Browns, the New York Yankees and the American League Office. The Award is presented to the active, non-uniformed representative of Major League Baseball whose ethics, character, dedication, service, professionalism and humanitarianism best represent the standards propounded by Robert O. Fishel.

Fishel Award nominees are submitted by the 30 Major League Clubs and league officials. The nominees are voted upon by active past winners and MLB officials. The previous winners of the Fishel Award are:
Dick Fishel Jersey Retro

1981 – Robert O. Fishel, American League1982 – Robert W. Brown, Baltimore Orioles1983 – Larry Shenk, Philadelphia Phillies1984 – Arthur E. (Red) Patterson, California Angels1985 – Jim Ferguson, Cincinnati Reds1986 – Fred Claire, Los Angeles Dodgers1987 – Jim Toomey, St. Louis Cardinals1988 – Tom Mee, Minnesota Twins1989 – Donald Davidson, Houston Astros1990 – Ned Colletti, Chicago Cubs1991 – Phyllis K. Merhige, American League1992 – Richard Griffin, Montreal Expos1993 – John Blake, Texas Rangers1994 – Katy Feeney, National League1995 – Howard Starkman, Toronto Blue Jays1996 – Bill Guilfoile, National Baseball Hall of Fame1997 – Dick Bresciani, Boston Red Sox1998 – Jay Horwitz, New York Mets1999 – Bob DiBiasio, Cleveland Indians2000 – Tim Mead, Anaheim Angels2001 – Rob Matwick, Houston Astros2002 – Mike Swanson, Arizona Diamondbacks2003 – Rick Vaughn, Tampa Bay Devil Rays2004 – Jeff Idelson, National Baseball Hall of Fame2005 – Randy Adamack, Seattle Mariners2006 – Rob Butcher, Cincinnati Reds2007 – Richard Levin, Major League Baseball2008 – Scott Reifert, Chicago White Sox2009 – Patrick Courtney, Major League Baseball2010 – Jay Alves, Colorado Rockies2011 – Jim Trdinich, Pittsburgh Pirates2012 – Staci Slaughter, San Francisco Giants2013 – Tim Hevly, Seattle Mariners2014 – Jason Zillo, New York Yankees2015 – Brian Bartow, St. Louis Cardinals
2016 – Bart Swain, Cleveland Indians
2017 – Gene Dias, Houston Astros2018 – Josh Rawitch, Arizona Diamondbacks

Mike McBath Jersey Retro

FOLLOWING THE DOMINANT win over Stanford, Mike Leach and the Washington State coaches received even more big news before the end of the weekend. On Sunday night, 3-star cornerback Justin Anderson took to Twitter to announce he’s shutting down his recruitment and will be Pullman-bound in 2020.

Anderson, who checks in at 6-1, 175 pounds, is a Coug. Out of Menlo Park, Calif. (30 minutes outside of San Jose), Anderson is ranked the No. 99 cornerback in the country and held additional offers from Utah, Boston College, Iowa State and Utah State.

Related: Florida CB with 20 offers to visit WSU

The newest Coug is no stranger to Pullman, as he’s visited the WSU campus twice for unofficial trips. His most recent experience out on the Palouse came in late July and he told CF.C at the time his relationship with WSU assistant Darcel McBath was part of the reason he was so high on the Cougs. The two have continued their close relationship, which certainly helped Leach and Co. land his verbal commitment.

“His (McBath) biggest message to me was just talking about how I can be a playmaker for them,” Anderson told us over the summer. “He wants me up there, but he also told me to be sure on my decision and to go where I feel is the best place for me.”

COMMITTED ????Next chapter Is Here!!

— Justin Anderson (@JustinA38602092) November 18, 2019
Anderson is the Cougs’ first CB commit for the 2020 class. Overall, he’s the 17th verbal, joining QB Jayden de Laura, RB Jyden King, S Alaka’i Gilman, DT Nathaniel James, DE Johnny Walker, WR Joey Hobert, WR Cedrick Pellum, RB Marshawn Buchanan, S Hunter Escorcia, LB Moon Ashby, OT Julian Ripley, OG Dylan Mayginnes, OG Devin Kylany, OT Justin McNorton, S Jackson Lataimua and DE Justin Lohrenz.

Mike McBath Jersey Retro

247′s Brandon Huffman, who has been following Anderson for a while now, offered up his insights on the CB going crimson: “Big fan of his,” Huffman wrote. “Washington State has been in the drivers seat for some time. He’s distant cousins with Easop Winston. Helped his team win a state championship last year. Played with two seniors last year who went to UW, but his coach said he was the unsung hero of that defense. Also plays with and is close friends with Troy Franklin, the No. 1 WR in the country (and a player that Moon Ashby also said he’s helping recruit). Justin is a really quiet, unassuming guy, but he LOVES Darcel McBath and I went to his school last month about a week after McBath was moved into the role after Claeys left and he said that actually really helped WSU.”

Jeremy Sprinkle Jersey Retro

Jeremy Sprinkle is not projected to be worth a roster spot based on total fantasy points the rest of the season. His 6 projected fantasy points puts him at #52 behind Maxx Williams and ahead of Kaden Smith. He has averaged 1.88 fantasy points in his past 19 games. Our projected per game average is virtually the same. His projected per game average is 2.1 fantasy points. His rank based on average projected points is the same as his rank based on total fantasy points. He is less valuable in PPR leagues where he is the #55 ranked tight end. Jeremy Sprinkle is expected to come up short of this season-to-date’s #44 fantasy position rank.

#50 Matt LaCosse 6.5 FP, 2.17 per game 31 FP, 13 gp, 2.4 per game (#55)
#51 Maxx Williams 6.3 FP, 2.11 per game 21 FP, 9 gp, 2.3 per game (#58)
#52 Jeremy Sprinkle 6.3 FP, 2.09 per game 21 FP, 9 gp, 2.3 per game (#58)
#53 Kaden Smith (4% OWN) 6.2 FP, 2.07 per game 21 FP, 9 gp, 2.3 per game (#58)
#54 Rhett Ellison 6.1 FP, 2.02 per game 35 FP, 13 gp, 2.7 per game (#49)
These projections power SportsLine’s Computer Picks and Fantasy Data. But for contest winning DFS optimal lineups by top experts like Mike McClure visit SportsLine’s new Daily Fantasy Hub.

Jeremy Sprinkle is projected for 2 fantasy points in week 15 which only ranks him as the #53 projected tight end and not a fantasy relevant player for the week. This is a typical week for him with a FP projection that is the same as his projected per game average over the rest of the season. He is ranked above J.P. Holtz but behind Josh Perkins. Week 16 will be better based on projected rank (#45). He is projected for 2.3 fantasy points.
Jeremy Sprinkle Jersey Retro

#51 Jesper Horsted 2.22 FP 2.01 FP
#52 Josh Perkins 2.14 FP 2.2 FP
#53 Jeremy Sprinkle 2 FP 2.09 FP
#54 J.P. Holtz 2 FP 1.78 FP
#55 C.J. Uzomah (1% OWN) 1.79 FP 1.93 FP
#43 Charles Clay (1% OWN) 2.38 FP 2.37 FP
#44 Demetrius Harris (1% OWN) 2.32 FP 2.81 FP
#45 Jeremy Sprinkle 2.31 FP 2.09 FP
#46 Garrett Celek 2.24 FP 2.53 FP
#47 Josh Hill (2% OWN) 2.24 FP 2.43 FP
He is projected for 2.6 FanDuel points and 3.3 points on DraftKings. Based on the player pool average points per dollar he is coming up -$2744 short of $4.9K on FanDuel and -$1239 short of $2.7K on DraftKings. There should be much better options (see below). Barring a significant lineup change consider him a daily fantasy player to fade. Below are how he ranks based on projected fantasy points on both DFS platforms. Look for players with more FPs at lower salaries.

#52 Maxx Williams 3 FD Points $4400
#53 Gerald Everett 2.9 FD Points $5800
#54 Jeremy Sprinkle 2.6 FD Points $4900
#55 J.P. Holtz 2.6 FD Points $4800
#56 C.J. Uzomah 2.5 FD Points $4700
#53 J.P. Holtz 3.4 DK Points $2500
#54 C.J. Uzomah 3.3 DK Points $2500
#55 Jeremy Sprinkle 3.3 DK Points $2700
#56 Benjamin Watson 2.9 DK Points $2700
#57 Tyler Kroft 2.5 DK Points $2500
The tables below show projected stats (totals and averages) for the rest of the season and upcoming weeks. Also included are actual stats from the current and last season.

Rest of 2019 6.3 10.4 6.4 4.1 42.9 0.3 0.0
– Per Game (3 Proj) 2.10 3.47 2.13 1.37 14.3 0.11 0.00
Week 15 vs PHI 2.00 3.30 2.10 1.30 14.0 0.10 0.00
Week 16 vs NYG 2.31 3.71 2.20 1.40 15.3 0.13 0.00
2019 Season 25.6 44.6 29 19 196 1 0
– Per Game (13 GP) 1.97 3.43 2.23 1.46 15.1 0.08 0.00
2018 to 2019 35.7 59.7 38 24 237 2 0
– Per Game (19 GP) 1.88 3.14 2.00 1.26 12.5 0.11 0.00

Mike Eischeid Jersey Retro

On December 21, 1969, the Houston Oilers traveled west to face The Oakland Raiders in a 1969 AFL Divisional Playoff. The Oilers entered the game with a 6-6-2 record. The Raiders on the other hand, first in the AFL West Division, came into the game winners of six straight and finished the season under the guiding hand of first year Head Coach and future Hall of Famer John Madden (pictured) with a record of 12-1-1.

With 53,539 fans on hand, the stage was set for the first round of the 1969 AFL Playoffs.

The Raiders won the toss and decided to receive. Houston kicker Roy Gerela kicked the ball to the Oakland 4-yard line. Raiders safety George Atkinson returned it to the Oakland 42, where the team would start their opening drive. The Raiders went three and out and Mike Eischeid punted it to the Houston 9. The Oilers were unable to move the ball on their opening drive and were forced to punt.

That’s when the fireworks began.

The Raiders started their second drive of the game at the 50-yard line. After two runs for no gain, Air Lamonica took flight. Raiders QB Daryle Lamonica, fresh off a season where he threw for 3,302 yards and 34 touchdown passes, connected with RB Larry Todd for a gain of 40 yards to the Houston 10. With 8:37 left in the first quarter, Lamonica completed a pass to WR Fred Biletnikoff for the game’s first points. After a George Blanda extra point, the Raiders led Houston 7-0.

That would quickly become 14-0.

On the first play of the drive, with the Oilers starting their next possession on their 17-yard line, QB Pete Beathard’s pass was intercepted and returned for a touchdown by the “Hit Man” George Atkinson.

On the ensuing drive, the Oakland defense forced another turnover when Oilers RB Hoyle Granger fumbled the ball on the Houston 25-yard line with the Raiders recovering. Starting on the Houston 24-yard line, Lamonica threw a strike to WR Rod Sherman for the touchdown.

With 6:10 still left in the first quarter, the Silver and Black were already up 21-0.

Things went from bad to worse for the Oilers on their next drive.

Houston started their next drive on their 22 after a rookie WR Jerry LeVias return. The Oilers moved the chains for the first time in the game after a 12-yard pass from Beathard to WR Jim Beirne. On the next play, Beathard fumbled the snap and DT Tom Keating recovered on the Houston 31.

For the second time in the game, Lamonica connected with Biletnikoff for a touchdown, this one from 31 yards out. After a Blanda extra point, the Raiders led the Oilers 28-0 and would hold that margin until the end of the first quarter.

The Raiders’ defense continued their dominance over the Oilers to start the second quarter. The Raiders opened the quarter with the ball but had to punt after failing to gain a first down.

After two plays though, the Oilers turned the ball over for a third time when Hall of Fame CB Willie Brown intercepted a pass intended for Beirne. The Raiders weren’t able to capitalize on the great field position as a Lamonica pass intended for TE Billy Cannon was intercepted. The Oilers regained possession on the Houston 11-yard line.

Houston moved the ball to their 32-yard line when the drive stalled and P Ode Burrell came in to punt.

The Oilers defense was no match for the Raiders’ high-octane offense. The Raiders were able to move the ball at will most of the game. Oakland started their next drive on their 29-yard line. Runs by RB Herwitt Dixon caught the Oilers defense off guard and set up the home run play that Lamonica is famous for.

On first and 10 on the Oakland 40-yard line, Lamonica connected with RB Charlie Smith for a 60-yard touchdown, making the score 35-0 Raiders after the extra point with 5:48 left in the second quarter.

The two teams would trade punts for the remainder of the half and the Silver and Black would leave the field at half leading the Houston Oilers 35-0.

The Raiders kicked off to start the third quarter with Burrell returning the kickoff to the Houston 31.

The Oilers and Raiders were unable to mount a drive during either team’s opening possession of the second half and both teams traded punts.

With 10:57 in the third quarter, the Oilers were finally able to move the ball deep into Raiders territory. On fourth and 10 though, on the Oakland 16-yard line, Beathard was sacked for a loss of nine resulting in a turnover on downs giving the ball back to the Raiders.

The Raiders took over at their 25-yard line. The Raiders would march 75 yards in 3:38 and scored on a 23-yard pass from Lamonica to Sherman to make the game 42-0 after the extra point.

Another three and out for the Oilers gave the ball back to the Raiders to set up another score. Starting at the Houston 38-yard line, Lamonica moved the offense yet again. Lamonica found Cannon in the left corner of the end zone for a 3-yard touchdown pass to make the score 49-0 after the extra point.

The third quarter ended with the score 49-0 with QB Daryle Lamonica taking the rest of the game off.

The Oilers started their first scoring drive of the game with 13:20 left in the fourth. The Oilers, starting on their own 5-yard line, gained some momentum and drove the ball 95-yards for their only touchdown on the day. Beathard would throw to TE Alvin Reed for 8 yards making the score 49-7 after the extra point.

The Raiders would add one more score with 2:59 left on a RB Marv Hubbard touchdown to make the final score 56-7 Raiders.

QB Daryle Lamonica finished the game with 276 passing yards and six touchdown passes. The Raiders defense held the Houston Oilers to only 28 yards on the ground and forced five turnovers.
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This game would propel the Raiders to the AFL Championship where they would eventually fall to the rival Kansas City Chiefs 17-7.

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Texans inside linebacker Dylan Cole has dealt with a lot of major injuries since he joined the team as an undrafted free agent three years ago.

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The latest injury is his most serious one as Cole was placed on injured reserve with a torn anterior cruciate ligament last week. The special-teams captain previously has dislocated his wrist, which required surgery last year, and pulled his hamstring as a rookie.

“I’ve been going through a lot of emotions this past week,” Cole wrote on social media. “3 years, 3 significant injuries. But, the constant encouragement that I’ve gotten has helped me through it. I can’t thank you guys enough! I’ll be back out there next year better than ever! That’s a promise. Deut. 31:8″

The Houston Texans placed linebacker Dylan Cole on the injured reserve this past week with a torn right ACL he suffered in their win over the Indianapolis Colts.

Cole injured himself in a non-contact situation covering a kickoff where he immediately went down clutching his right knee. This was Cole’s third consecutive season where he ended up in the injured reserve with a serious injury.

Cole sounded off on Twitter about his ACL injury that ended his season.

I’ve been going through a lot of emotions this past week. 3 years, 3 significant injuries. But, the constant encouragement that I’ve gotten has helped me through it. I can’t thank you guys enough! I’ll be back out there next year better than ever! That’s a promise. Deut. 31:8

Cole led the Texans in special teams tackles with eight on the season.

Earlier in the week head coach Bill O’Brien discussed the loss of his special teams captain for the season.
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“I have a lot of respect for Dylan,” O’Brien explained. “And I know how hard he works and how well he plays. So, it’s just a tough thing.”