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ATLANTA – Bruce Thornton was arguably the top performer of this past weekend, excelling in a pair of games at the Holiday Hoopsgiving event.

Thornton, a standout at Milton (Ga.) High, was productive on offense, effective on defense and played with tremendous energy. Thornton’s demeanor approach to the game and physicality were all areas that stood out during our evaluations.

“I’m a pass-first point guard, I’m trying to get my teammates involved, then get myself involved, I just want to win,” Thornton told 247Sports.

“My favorite player is Kawhi Leonard and he does it all so I try to do everything on the floor,” he added.

Using his strength and speed, Thornton lived in the paint and once there either created a shot for a teammates or got all the way to the rim for a finish. While he excels in those areas at this point, the area for improvement for him is improving his shooting.

“My jump shot,” he said when asked about the next step in his development. “Reps, reps, reps, I got to get my reps up. I know somebody is in a different state working hard just as me so I got to keep working.”

Thornton’s recruitment has been progressing lately. Shortly after the Hoopsgiving event, he landed a scholarship offer from Ole Miss. Prior to the event, he said Georgia, Clemson and “some SEC schools” have prioritized him.

“I feel like I’m underrated so I keep working,” Thornton said. “I keep working every day because I feel like hard work always pays off.”

Thus far Thornton has taken unofficial visits to Georgia and Kennesaw State. Both of the trips were in September.

Thornton has athletic genetics and connections to the Georgia program. His father, Bruce Thornton Sr., played football for the Bulldogs before playing in the NFL, while his mother played for Georgia’s women’s basketball team.

“Both my parents went to Georgia so I have been there a lot,” he added. “It’s always nice when it happens getting to see the campus and stuff.”

Thornton currently ranks as the No. 8 point guard and the No. 44 overall recruit in the 247Sports Composite Rankings.

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