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The Atlanta Falcons and Dallas Cowboys both will fire their head coaches as soon as their respective season’s end. Both Falcons and Cowboys will be the top spots that potential head coaches will be looking at.
Should the Atlanta Falcons consider Jason Garrett as the replacement for Dan Quinn?

Jason Garrett will be one of the top guys looking to land a head coaching role elsewhere as his contract will not be extended once the Cowboys season ends. For a guy with only one losing season – maybe two depending on this season – in his entire head coaching career, it is shocking to believe he will not be returning as the Cowboys head coach.

Since 2014 alone, Garrett could have five winning seasons out of the six. Three of which saw the Cowboys with 10+ wins.

This man needs to be the first guy Arthur Blank calls.

Maybe playing in Dallas was too much to handle
Being an NFL head coach is a stressful job. Being an NFL head coach in Dallas with owner Jerry Jones extends above and beyond stressful.

Jerry Jones is one of the most overbearing owners in the entire NFL. A Lot of it is for good reason. Jones is an NFL Hall of Famer, 2014 Executive of the Year, and a three-time Super Bowl champ as an owner.

So he has earned that right to be as overbearing as possible.

Jones has directly called out the Dallas coaching staff as the reason why the team sits at 6-7 but still leads the division.

Jerry Jones’s recent public remarks about Jason Garrett have shown they directly impact the playstyle and calls that Garrett makes on offense. This kind of impact from an owner can damage the dynamic of the team and question who really is in charge.

Take from it what you must, but that’s not how things are done with the Atlanta Falcons. It has been proven that the Atlanta Falcons can be 1-6 and the owner will still come out and say he fully supports the head coach and has the belief they can turn it around.

I, for one, like that kind of stability and support from the owner because it takes away a lot of the pressure with being 1-6 and helps you focus on how to get better.

Being the next Atlanta Falcons head coach may provide Garrett with the fresh air to actually be able to coach the team as he sees fit.

Garrett could bring Kellen Moore to the Atlanta Falcons
The Atlanta Falcons need a young, rejuvenating offensive coordinator who can really take this Atlanta Falcons offense to new heights.

Jason Garrett has one of the league’s future stars right in his pocket. With how young and new Moore is at calling plays, this may allow him to stay in Atlanta for a good few years before being plucked away by another team.

Former Cowboys quarterback and quarterbacks coach was promoted to the team’s offensive coordinator starting in 2019 at just 31 years old.

After the Cowboys had the 23rd best passing offense in 2018, Kellen Moore changed that dramatically and now the Cowboys have the league’s best passing offense.

Kellen Moore has Dak Prescott – who has never passed for over 3900 yards – having a career season.

It is hard to imagine a quarterback having a better season than Patrick Mahomes in 2018, but Dak is having a season similar, just not as flashy.

So far, Prescott is on track to pass for just under 5,400 yards and has a 67 percent completion rate. Not to take anything away from Dak, but he is not doing that without Moore.

After being cursed by Steve Sarkisian and Dirk Koetter over the years, it is time the Falcons bring in a guy who can really grab reins and elevate this offense.

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I want winners
During Garrett’s time in Dallas, he has only had one losing season. That lone losing season came at the hands of Tony Romo being injured in week 5 after starting 3-1. The rotation of Matt Cassel, Kellen Moore, and Brandon Weeden only saw the Cowboys win one game the remainder of the season.

The Cowboys followed their 4-12 2015 season with a 13-3 season and two more winning seasons following the 2016 season.

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Jason Garrett has proven he has the capabilities to lead a winning team, even in the harshest of circumstances. This has the potential to be a huge loss if the Atlanta Falcons and Arthur Blank miss out on Jason Garrett.

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